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The Homeless Network of Yakima County

Working for the Homeless - A Continuum of Care

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About Us


The Homeless Network of Yakima County is a consortium of providers who serve the homeless and work together to reduce homelessness by 50% in Yakima County by 2014.  If you are in need of housing or other services please call 211 or the 107 House at 509-249-6232.

The Homeless Network of Yakima County is working to reduce homelessness in Yakima County.

The mission of the Homeless Network of Yakima County is to advocate for the homeless people of Yakima County in order to improve the quality of life, increase public awareness of homeless issues, impact public policy, and end homelessness.



The Homeless Network will use the Housing First Model with wraparound support services to move homeless individuals and families off the streets, into shelter, and on to permanent housing and self-sufficiency.  The Network will collaborate and coordinate with homeless service providers and stakeholders to end homelessness.

The 10-Year Plan
The 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness in Yakima County articulates local    needs, activities, and resources related to homelessness.  The 10-Year Plan is reviewed and updated annually during the Network's retreat.  The goal of the 10-Year Plan is to reduce homelessness by 50-percent by 2014.


To view the most recent update to the 10-Year Plan click here.


- Reduce the number of homeless families
- Reduce the number of non-chronically homeless individuals
- Reduce the number of chronically homeless individuals
- Reduce the number of homeless youth
- Conduct adequate data collection and planning to efficiently manage limited resources for homelessness
- Develop, enhance, and expand affordable housing stock
- Prevent homelessness from occurring
- Increase household income
- Improve access to health services


The National Coalition for the Homeless published a Fact Sheet stating that for those with limited skills or experience, opportunities for jobs that pay a living wage are very limited. Additionally, many members of the homeless population have to combat barriers such as limited transportation and reduced access to educational and training programs. In such a competitive environment, the difficulties of job seeking as a homeless person can be almost insurmountable barriers to employment.